Openwood Windows

Our window product range provides for variable forms of opening and fixed casements to suit all applications.

Narrow sight lines maximise light penetration whilst providing an attractive modern finish. Our windows can be supplied in a vast range of RAL colour finishes to suit customer requirements in design.

Openwood Doors

The innovative design features of our doors provide for low maintenance, reliability and ease of operation.

Our doors and framing systems are highly robust and durable making them suitable for installations of multiple function and high volume usage. Associated products include an exciting range of Patio Doors and Bi-Folding doors ideal for modern living. As our windows, a full range of RAL colours are available to enhance and compliment the appearance.

Openwood Curtain Walling

Creating an aluminium curtain walling façade to enhance the envelope of a building is an innovative process, one we consider ourselves experts in the process of design, fabrication and installation.

New or refurbishment applications require our designers vision and skill to meet the requirements and functional needs of contractors, developers and occupiers. Our curtain walling systems provide the ultimate in cutting edge aluminium and glass design, extending through low and high rise installations.

Openwood Shopfronts

Openwood offer a comprehensive range of aluminium shopfront systems which can also incorporate our range of windows and door products, the doors can be fully automated as required.

Our shopfront systems are suitable for single story applications such as retail outlets, shopping centres and car showrooms.

Openwood Rooflights

Rooflights are a major design consideration for any architect. We aim to provide as many options as possible by offering a wide range of aluminium rooflights in all manner of shapes, sizes and RAL colour combinations.

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